„Radiant Core bridges the gap between design and technology.“ This is a pretension which Radiant Core will have fulfilled by its special features. Radiant Core is a Company in Toronto , Canada . Key words which characterize their business are design, development and interaction. These are well known terms for a programmer in the World Wide Web industry.

Design concerns the appearance of a homepage. There are many parts which have influence to a good or bad design of a homepage. Say it by pictures – this is not only a good idea but also one of the basic principles by preparing a homepage. The great advantage of pictures is their freedom of speech. A picture needs no language. If for example a German advertising agency, a Werbeagentur, works with pictures on its homepage this would be understood all over the world. If pictures are self-explanatory, they will replace many words which otherwise had to be translated to many languages. Another part of a homepage is the content in form of text. No homepage can be without them. Words are language-dependent. But today many words are understandable in different languages. If you choose such words a homepage will be international.

Developing a homepage today is very simple. You do not program it step by step. You can use simple software just as more complicated software. This means that you can have a complete concept for a homepage within a few minutes. By using simple software you may miss special effects like banners. You may also miss links to other homepages, a possibility for being contacted immediately or your content may be not complete. By using more complicated software all this things may be prepared. Perhaps this software works with more than one language. With such a help it would be easy for a german werbeagentur to have an english website.

nteracting in the computer technology means for example that user and homepage can communicate in a simple way. The user can not only show at the homepage he can also write a comment directly into the homepage or – in a wiki – actively change the content. This is a difference to TV. A Werbeagentur can use interaction for feedback from the visitor of their homepage. This is very important for corporate design. In this manner it can control the effectiveness of its campaigns. Such a result may be a good advertising for it and can help to find new customers.


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